Mentor-a-Sister Program

Mentor-a-Sister Program

Mentor-a-sister program

When we carried out our very initial trauma management training at Lang’ata¬†correctional facility for women, women were concerned about where they would contact us upon leaving prison. This is one of the questions that they asked during the question and answer session. Beyond giving them our contacts, we thought that a more sustainable approach would be to identify and train women that are passionate about incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and who are willing to walk with then through reentry and reintegration into society.

In the mentor-a-sister program, the formerly incarcerated women are matched with women who are trained to provide support and guidance.

The objective of the mentorship program is to empower women emotionally, boost their confidence by providing love, friendship, support, and guidance. We try as much as possible to avoid nurturing dependency on the services that we provide. We understand that women are a rich resource in terms of their existing potential. As such, through the various aspects of our mentorship program, that potential is realized as a measure to enhance their contribution to their families and the wider society. Additionally, part of the mentorship program is intended to help them discover their inherent skills, linking them to opportunities relevant to those skills, and helping them build an ‘ I CAN DO IT’ attitude.


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