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Word from Chairman of the Board

Resilient Woman is a Kenyan Community Based Organization that provides transitional Services to currently incarcerated women, formerly incarcerated and their children to promote their reentry and reintegration back to their communities.

The need for this deliberate focus cannot be overemphasized as most of us are familiar with the unique challenges that the formerly incarcerated face upon leaving prison and especially so for the women. They have theĀ need for much needed emotional stability, the need to reconnect and re-establish relationships with their children and family with who they have been separated for many years, the clear need for income and furthermore the needĀ  for dignity and pride to provide for their children and family and to be contributors to the society.

Our programs are incomplete without support to children affected by parental incarceration. Most of these children are left under the care of a foster parent, a relative or a children’s home and often times face difficulties in meeting their basic needs upon the imprisonment of their parents. They are exposed to difficult circumstances and risky childhood experiences. Among other things, many of them lack the opportunity to go to school when their parents are away in prison. To reverse the effects of parental incarceration, we support children with schooling needs through our Reversing the Effects of Parental Incarceration and Retrogressive Practices School (REPIRPS) program

We therefore call upon you to join us to support this cause to bring hope to this special group of people.



Jackson Siengo

Board Chairman



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